Say Hello to Your Brand

Say Hello to Your Brand

If you introduced yourself to your brand, how would it respond?

Would it wish you a polite “Good Day”? Maybe opt for an enthusiastic high-five? Would it ignore you completely? Or perhaps it would respond with a heartily yelled “Yo, ‘sup!”

It may sound silly, but it’s no secret that in these days branding can be a crucial part of your business’ success, and it’s therefore more important than ever to understand that your brand is a persona: It’s a living, breathing, interacting, evolving reflection of who your company is and what they represent. If you think about it, the image of your brand is directly portrayed based on how you choose to represent it in each facet of the marketing and promotion plan; what language you use when speaking, the font you select to tell the story of your business, the type of imagery associated with your work, and the means you choose to communicate are all examples of how a brand’s personality should be carefully considered, especially in the context of design.

I’ve put together a couple of thoughts that highlight some things to consider to help strengthen your brand and its message.

1. Digital Personality
While physical interaction and portrayal is absolutely important, it is also increasingly important to analyze how a brand is portrayed within the digital realm. More and more, pixel-based attributes are becoming the faces of institutions, and in this case, brands. I would say that many relationships are based on first impressions, and where a personal phone call or face to face meeting used to stand as a brand’s introduction, the internet has largely changed that (have we met?). Websites and emails are becoming the online voice of your brand, and are therefore significantly important when it comes to first impressions. This slight disconnect between real life personality and the computer screen can either be detrimental to a brand, or if strategically planned, can prove greatly beneficial to its success. It is important, therefore, to carefully consider how your brand’s personality is portrayed within the digital realm.


2. Touchpoints are Handshakes.
A touchpoint represents an opportunity to make an impression through interaction of some sort. It can be likened to the action of a handshake within a real world context – when you first introduce yourself to someone it is largely appropriate to offer your hand for a shake. Similarly, if a meeting is concluded, a decision is made, etc. these all equally invite the opportunity to shake hands. In this way, a touchpoint is a handshake, where it represents interaction, communication, or some form of communication based understanding between two entities.

It is important to note that touchpoints are important for both networking and marketing contexts. More specifically, these networking and marketing tools would include things like your website and how users are able to interact with it, the method you choose to communicate with clients and potential collaborators (digital message vs. handwritten vs. in person), how a product is delivered (packaging, with a note, etc), or even how you choose to word things (think about your perception of someone formally shaking your hand vs someone yelling ‘Yo, sup!’). Each of these touchpoints can be carefully crafted to further strengthen the persona and image of a brand. Alternatively, where left unconsidered, they can prove detrimental to maintaining a consistent image and can hamper a client’s overall impression of your brand and your services.


3. Where Design Comes In.
With these things in mind, you can really begin to use the power of design to craft the perfect persona for your brand. To visually represent your brand in these – and other – facets. Take a minute to think about – if your brand were a person sitting next to you, what would they look/sound/dress/act like? Would you know what they do based on their personality?

I’d like to think LiveLaugh would be the (potentially cheesy) friendly, high-fiving type, enthusiastic about helping you make the world a prettier place through design.

Ariel Body

A desert dwelling photographer, designer, adventurer, & climber of mountains.

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