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The world looks a lot different not covered in several feet of snow!

Alas, the Yukon Quest adventure has officially ended. The first teams crossed the finish line bright and early on the 14th, just over 9 days after departing the chilly Fairbanks start line. Completing the 1000 mile endeavor first – though by a mere fraction of a minute – was Hugh Neff, with Allen Moore trailing behind a mere 26 seconds later. It has to be said that in a 1000 mile race, to be that close in the final stretch is quite unheard of and nothing short of impressive!

Allen Moore, Yukon Quest

I’ve never really been one to follow sports or races, but I must say I’ve developed a soft spot for the Quest over the past couple weeks. The race itself is an incredibly difficult thing to sum up in a blog post, but I will say that sled dogs are pretty hardcore (and adorable) and I have a huge amount of respect for mushers. To see the incredible sense of livelihood these folks maintain after what is most definitely a grueling adventure on the trail is inspiring, to say the least.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is some pretty breathtaking scenery up there – the highlight of which was definitely watching the northern lights dance over the beautifully clear Yukon sky while we awaiting the arrival of Brent Sass at the finish line. So stunning!

Lance Mackey, Yukon Quest

Yukon Quest Northern Lights

I’m sure in the coming weeks many will ask me what the best and worst part of the trip was, and while my answer may change depending on the day, the people were definitely a highlight. From cavemen to dogs with people personalities to people with dog personalities, there’s an incredibly vibrant face to the sport of dog mushing, of which I’m sure I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Needless to say, shooting the incredible event was an amazing experience – absolutely looking forward to next year!

Looking for more photos? I’ve added a collection of my favourites to a gallery here – enjoy!

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