A Babble About Lessons in Collaboration

A Babble About Lessons in Collaboration

Something I’ve been working on over the past couple of months is a website called Backstage Noise. The idea came from having written reviews and photographed various gigs over the past few years, and then moving to Northern Ireland, where the people I had previously written for weren’t exactly keen to cover events. So, as anyone would, I decided to start my own musicesque site.

But, the initial beauty of the idea was that it would be a collaboration. On many levels, really, but mainly between myself and a web developer who would do the more-geeky coding side of things while I would tackle the visuals, and we would mutually provide content. This did not quite work as planned, leaving me at the last minute, still full of ambition and wanting to fulfill my declaration of a December launch date. So I buckled down and got to having some web design fun of my own. This resulted in seeing a lot of this:

Which in turn produced a bit of this:

In all seriousness, I did learn some lessons from this failed collaboration (collabor-not? no-llaboration?), and I did prevail in the end, so it was far from a total loss.

I suppose to summarize, from my experience I will say this:

If you want to do something, figure out why you want to do it. I watched Simon Sinek’s video where he talked about the ‘Golden Circle’ a couple months ago and was fascinated by this very concept that people aren’t really interested in what you do, but more so why you do it. I never really thought of this applying to something like a website, but when I thought about it, it makes a ton of sense. It seems so obvious – it is so obvious, really – but it is equally easy to skip over.

Because everything was sort of put on hold and the workload was going to pretty much double for this project, I was forced to stop and think about why I was doing it. What was the point of it? And so the whole mentality behind the site sort of shifted because of this change in events.

So Backstage Noise exists to inspire awareness, creativity, and collaboration between art and the music industry. The goal is to provide interesting articles and images that showcase successful companionship (eg, how photography benefits musicians, and visa versa), and it will do so in the form of a blog/website.

Stay tuned to see how it develops…

(Also, I like webdesign a tiny fraction more, so that’s exciting.)

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