Find River; Jump.

Find River; Jump.

I think Alastair Humphreys is my new hero.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he is. Having cycled around the world (including a stint in a canoe) and written excitingly about it, Humphreys is a proper adventurer who is all about embracing life while we have it. Also, he decided he wanted to take photos to document this, so he bought a camera and started taking a photo a day; awesome!

Photo by Alastair Humphreys

You can probably see a trend here in my inspiration series, that I greatly admire people who follow their passions no matter what they are or how crazy they seem. Seriously, what would you tell me if I said I was going to drop everything and cycle around the world? How awesome would it be if I didn’t care and went and had the time of my life anyway?

I guess my equivalent of river jumping was when I quite firmly decided the following four things:
1) I wanted to make the world prettier through unique visual communication
2) I wanted to make design and photography accessible
3) I wanted to live a lifestyle where I could afford to travel and experience new places
3) I wanted to find a way to make a living off of it

Hence, in 2009, LiveLaugh was officially born. It was my river.

Passion wins, every time.

Ariel Body

A desert dwelling photographer, designer, adventurer, & climber of mountains.

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