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Earlier this summer I heard about the idea of Microadventures – mini adventures that inspire you to take a break from the busy-ness of life and get out and cycle/walk/run/hike/swim/explore somewhere new. Because really, why not?

As I am always a fan of new adventures, I found a fellow adventurous spirit (yes, that’s you Emma) and we set off on our own cycling-inspired microadventure. Despite threatening clouds (and frequent stops to repair Murray, my trusty cycle) we ventured from Belfast to the coast south of Comber, and set up ‘camp’ somewhere under the stars between the incoming tide and field of fresh looking leaks. It was beautiful, indeed.

So without further adieu, I present to you, our visual documentation* of the journey!

*In the spirit of adventure, I opted to experiment with motion instead of still photography. For the record, it’s harder than one might think to hold a camera steady while cycling and trying desperately not to crash…

As a designer and photographer, I love how inspiration can be found in so many place, how a bit of fresh air and 24 hours without a computer does wonders for the brain! Needless to say, I’m definitely addicted to the idea of microadventures; now I just need to find a bag that’s bigger on the inside to fit enough layers for warmth in the coming winter…

As I’ve just returned back to Belfast from being in Arizona over the summer, I thought I’d share a bit of photographic evidence of Arizona’s beautiful diversity! Do enjoy.


If you introduced yourself to your brand, how would it respond?

Would it wish you a polite “Good Day”? Maybe opt for an enthusiastic high-five? Would it ignore you completely? Or perhaps it would respond with a heartily yelled “Yo, ‘sup!”

It may sound silly, but it’s no secret that in these days branding can be a crucial part of your business’ success, and it’s therefore more important than ever to understand that your brand is a persona: It’s a living, breathing, interacting, evolving reflection of who your company is and what they represent. If you think about it, the image of your brand is directly portrayed based on how you choose to represent it in each facet of the marketing and promotion plan; what language you use when speaking, the font you select to tell the story of your business, the type of imagery associated with your work, and the means you choose to communicate are all examples of how a brand’s personality should be carefully considered, especially in the context of design.

I’ve put together a couple of thoughts that highlight some things to consider to help strengthen your brand and its message.

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Last week the Van’s Warped Tour crossed paths with my home state of Arizona, and I was lucky enough to get to shoot the event on behalf of

Gigs are always an interesting thing to shoot – excellent facial expressions are always abound – and Warped Tour was no exception. Check out a few of my faves below, or pop over to the site and see them all with the review!


I had the opportunity to work with local Arizonian athlete + fitness trainer Will Roberts last week. He owns a gym (Iron Will Sports & Fitness, check it out if you’re in the area!), so we did some indoor workout shots and then ventured out to the nearby track to take advantage of the epic cloud cover and shoot some outdoor athletic stuff.

I had an awesome time working with him and thought I’d share a couple favourites from the outdoor portion of the shoot!


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