You Inspiration, You.

You Inspiration, You.

Photo by Ariel Body

For a significant portion of my childhood, I took gymnastic lessons. If you’re familiar with me and my current level of clumsiness, you’ll be surprised to know that I was actually most excellent on the balance beam; cartwheels and rolls and dismounts from a four inch beam were my forte.

I remember my coach always told me to keep my eye on the end of the beam. I thought this was silly, considering my feet were under me, not at the end. But I quickly learned that by keeping my head up and looking at the end, I had better balance because I had a clearer view of my destination.

It’s kind of a similar concept within my creative practice. The more I look at other people or business whom I admire, the more I feel like I have a clear idea of where I want to go.

I would say that definitely having a list of people whom you admire significantly – whether it’s because their work is inspiring or their values within their business are beautiful – and looking at those stories of success can be greatly advantageous to growing your vision.

I’m going to start posting examples of these creatives, companies, or just people whom I find inspiring, so, join me over the next few days for some blogs on inspiring folk that do things I love!

(Also, who inspires you?)

Ariel Body

A desert dwelling photographer, designer, adventurer, & climber of mountains.

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