A Lovely Tale

Life is a lovely tale; what if we re-imagined ourselves?

Somewhere between the memories of childhood and the reality of today, we’ve lost our sense of wonder. We stopped seeing clouds as fairytales and forests as magical kingdoms.

We take pictures of things that are, not things that could be.


This series is an attempt to change that, and is based around the idea of using digital manipulation and exploring how digital means are changing the way we create photographs.  For me, the story of ‘A Lovely Tale’ is a personal one.  It’s about growing up and the memories and feelings associated with that.  It’s about remembering exact moments but forgetting entire months, and finding a way to reflect that in a photo series.


Using computer-generated imagery was the avenue in which I was able to explore this, physically sculpting elements digitally, and then outputting and combining them with photographs; essentially, they are digitally designed photographs.  Re-imagining the glee from spinning in the woods, bringing back to life a house that hasn’t been seen in years, and acknowledging the peculiar details that to others would seem insignificant.


What exact details do you remember?  How do you see them now?


Life is a lovely tale, and these photos represent a fraction of mine.